Server map:


Chat Commands:
- /home add <name> - Saves your current position as the location name. (alias sethome)
- /home list - Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved. (alias listhomes)
- /home remove <name> - Removes the location of your saved homes. (alias removehome)
- /home <name> - Teleports you to the home location.
- /tpr <player name> - Sends a teleport request to the player.
- /tpa - Accepts an incoming teleport request.
- /tpc - Cancel teleport or request.
- tpinfo - Shows limits and cooldowns.
- tphelp - Shows help.


To use backpack in game, type /backpack in the chatline, or press F1
and type bind b in console, then in game press B to open the backpack.


If you want to remove something in your base, just type /remove and click on the part you want to remove.


If you want to trade something with other players without to meet them, just type /trade "playername" and wait to an accept from the player you want to trade with.


If you type /kit , you have some kits in a menu to choose. It's three kits right now, more kits will come.